Centrala has created a space for comprehensive support and cultural presence for Ukrainians fleeing war.

As part of our project, funded through the Engage for Ukraine Community Grants Scheme created by Birmingham City Council and delivered by BVSC, we are providing activities and services aimed at helping Ukrainians settling into the city to access the essential advice and support they need and to provide space and sense of belonging.

We are creating conditions for Ukrainians to gather and develop support mechanisms to support each other. Getting together, engaging in cultural activities and most importantly allowing people to share, offload and feel understood in their own circumstances. Our aim is to equip Ukrainians in skills necessary for successful adaptation and integration in the new neighbourhoods and society. We support independence, mutual respect and understanding and provide platform for Ukrainina voices and culture.

Our Ukraine speaking team is helping Ukrainians to restart their lives in Birmingham and to provide an opportunity for Ukrainians to achieve independence and confidence in building their new life in the city.

We are delivering support in main 5 areas:

  1. Advice and Information
  2. Mental Health Support
  3. Move On Support
  4. Research into Homes for Ukraine scheme and integration of Ukrainians
  5. Art and Culture