Migration Support and Representation

Here at Centrala we want to ensure that our Central Eastern European (CEE) communities are provided with ample opportunities to participate and engage in the spaces they inhabit. We believe by increasing the visibility of our communities we can positively and collectively reduce the barriers of community cohesion and raise awareness of hate crimes and the laws in place to protect our communities. We facilitate regular events and celebrations presenting CEE Art and Culture to the wider communities of Birmingham. We present opportunities to learn about and interact with CEE communities, alongside them simultaneously whilst individuals maintain a sense of cultural identity

In our organisation, our advice and advocacy services are committed to addressing a wide range of challenges faced by CEE migrants and other migrants/refugees in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to foster social integration, promote cultural exchange, and create a sense of belonging and community for all individuals. We believe that every single person deserves to be seen and listened to.

If you need advice please email us on community@centrala-space.org.uk or join our weekly drop-in sessions on Tuesdays 10am-12pm.