CEEus! Network

See Chances. Inspire Changes. Make Noise.

A network of collective innovators creating a Migrant presence.

Over the past few years, we have been engaging with communities and establishing a Central and Eastern European migrant presence in British Society, Public Life, the Cultural Scene and beyond.

Building upon the views of our communities we have created CEEus!; a network for creatives with a Central and Eastern European migrant background.

Our main aims are to address the underrepresentation of Central and Eastern European migrants in the UK, xeno-racism and hostility. We want to encourage, empower and promote CEE migrants to share their voices and foster networks that can achieve definitive actions. We want to train future leaders and migrant activists.

We aim to encourage collaborations, help develop individual practices, and promote CEE Leadership and Talent. As well as taking into consideration different individual and community needs, we seek to achieve our goal with several initiatives:

  • CEE us! training programme
  • CEE Forum – A monthly opportunity to meet others and discuss issues relevant to our communities and build solidarity, this is open to everyone.
  • CEE Creatives Network – A Network to support CEE migrant creatives currently working in the UK Arts and Culture sector.
  • Professional and personal development training workshops and information sessions for members .

No matter your professional background, CEEus!, is a community of CEE migrants who want to participate and develop their careers.

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Membership is free and offers the following opportunities:

  • Free access to trainings and workshops
  • Use of centrala spaces- members can book meetings or event space for free
  • Support in producing and organising events and projects
  • Opportunity to add events and information in networks newsletter
  • Networking meetings


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