Collaborative Practice

We believe in collaborative practices and we aim to communicate our mission and vision of developing Nationally and Internationally.

We have been developing National & International partnerships that contribute strongly to Centrala being able to offer more to audiences, participants & artists and reach more people. Recently we have developed relationships with Rosetta Arts & Pushkin House to increase engagement work in Newham & Nationally.

We have a long-standing partnership with the University of Birmingham where we are committed to developing research on the underrepresentation of CEE migrant artists. We work with artists and academics to produce papers and research.

We are members of three European Networks, Trans Europe Halles; which is one of the oldest and most dynamic cultural networks in Europe, Culture Action Europe and ENNC. By joining these networks we seek to understand the constant changes in policies, rights and practices across Europe and to enrich our perspectives of developing better practices and ways of contributing to urgent dialogues in contemporary society. 

Together we build connections and experiences where people feel welcome, represented and cared for.