Mission and Vision

Our mission is all-embracing. We are powerful advocates for social integration, bringing together diverse audiences under one roof to share, explore, debate and connect with high-quality art and events. We strive towards our vision of a society where Central and Eastern European communities are welcomed and integrated, and where their art, culture and heritage is recognised and understood.

Our mission is expressed through different artistic practices and research. We have developed from a community organisation to a multipurpose entity and now to a space where people can experience high-quality events, art and discussions.

Our values are as follows:

• Equality and diversity as preconditions for co-existence and mutual respect.

• Inclusion as a means of preventing individuals from feeling isolated, disaffected or marginalised.

• Collaboration as a tool for building communities and a sense of ownership, as well as own capacities.

• Communication as a basis for constructing effective, respectful and balanced relationships.

• Integration as a context for celebrating Central and Eastern European culture and tradition within British society