We Are Here: From Ukraine

An exhibition that shares experiences in words and photos from the people of Kyiv. Some have been unable to leave and others are seeking refuge in other countries. The work in this exhibition has been gathered by Ukrainians in Birmingham who wanted to share messages from their families, friends, and colleagues who have stayed in or fled from Kyiv. Those that are still in Kyiv have stayed to support their communities. By staying, by being there, they are fighting. Whilst sheltering they have created small cafes in shelters, held micro-auctions, generated publicity, and gathered resources to protect themselves, in their efforts to fight for their freedom. Others have sought refuge in nearby countries, joining millions fleeing from Ukraine. This exhibition at Centrala has been organised with Ukrainian students and staff at Birmingham City University. It has been generously supported by the Heart of England Community Foundation, a charity that raises money to fund and develop local community activity across the West Midlands and Warwickshire.