‘Visions of Krasnodar Artists’ Exhibition

A showcase of five female artists based in Krasnodar, Russia who are tracing and remaking the past by creating a space of their own, opposing the socio-political environment that surrounds them. In Krasnodar, the opportunity for formal visual arts education, funding and resources for artists is scarce, despite this, these women are part of a community of artists that drive for self-organisation, autonomy and connection. Katerina Vierba and Sacha Demina retrace their colonial origins and the displacement of communities under the Soviet regime. Yana Alalykina, Elena Kolesnikova, and Julia Shafarostova consider Krasnodar's architecture, infrastructures, history and civic life, presenting alternative realities. This exhibition showcases the implications of a fast developing region, simultaneously, it presents Krasnodar’s vibrant and formidable creative community who are continually building an alternative and much-needed platform for artists based in Russia. 

With thanks Pushkin House and Translocalities, a programme of exchange between cultural institutions outside of capitals in Russia and the UK which enabled Centrala to collebarte alongside Typography Centre, Krasnodar. Research for this exhibtion funded by the Arts - British Council.