Supersonic Exhibition: Print Matters
Print Matters Exhibition
presented by Supersonic Festival 2022
Centrala, 1 - 22 July
Print Matters is a showcase of the political and social power of DIY publishing.
Since the mid twentieth century, radical printshops have been seizing the means of production to spread ideas to the masses. While some of this material would previously have been a challenge to get past censors and editors, the photocopier and print press has made it nearly impossible to destroy all copies of a “dangerous” idea; affordable, accessible printing allowed every reader to become author and publisher.
For Print Matters we've selected a group of artists who share essential political ideas using the accessibility of print media. We're delighted to showcase work by Black Lodge Press, Foka Wolf, Gee Vaucher, Dope Magazine, La Linterna & Lucy McLauchlan.