‘Refugee Journeys Through The Balkan Route’ Aston’s Centre for Migration and Forced Displacement
Hosted by Centrala, this exhibit is part of the Aston Centre for Migration and Forced Displacement (CMFD) launch event. This 3-weeks event raises questions about the lived experiences of migrants and refugees and will present a series of activities that will encourage you to think more deeply about what it means to be a refugee fleeing persecution.
Throughout the 3-weeks period, the Centre hopes to introduce wider public to its research themes, work that we do, and to open up discussions and debates about the refugee experience on the route, but also in the urban centres and West Midlands.
There will be crafting activities, spoken word evening, various workshops, within which we ask visitors to share their views on refugee and migration movements. For details see below.
*Content warning: although we do not use graphic images, this event makes reference to violence that has become the daily reality for many asylum seekers.*