Lore + (Dis)order

Lore: knowledge gained through study or experience

= lived experience

Disorder: an abnormal physical or mental health condition

= the research challenge

Order: the arrangement or sequence of objects or of events in time

= art and science

Based at the University of Birmingham, the Center for Systems Modelling and Quantiative Biomedicine (SMQB) brings together research innovators with backgrounds in mathematics, computer science, physics, and biomedicine. SMQB’s mission is to transform lives through quantitative biomedical and clinical research.

Since being established, SMQB has run an Artists in Residence programme which embeds artists into collaborative project teams selected for their research incubator. This exhibition brings together the work of 2020-22 artists who worked with teams to craft creative outputs which respond to the research, the collaborative process, and often the lived experiences of people affected by the different health condition under study. Lore + (Dis)order tells the story behind these collaborations…

Featuring work by Agi Haines, Chalotte Dunn, Karina Thompson, Lucy Hutchinson, Carol Breen, Mellissa Fisher, Patricia Thomas, and Vicky Roden.

Managed and Curated by Caroline Gillet, SMQB Community and Public Engagement Manager.

For further information about SQMB Artists in Residence programme get in touch with smqb@contacts.bham.ac.uk or scan the QR.