Jazz Journeys: Everyday Life Exhibition

Jazz Journeys: Everyday Life Exhibition features photographs’ and musicians’ quotes from a collaborative pilot research project called Everyday Jazz Life, a photographic project on contemporary jazz musicians living in Birmingham.

The project, at Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, is created by jazz scholar, dr Pedro Cravinho and freelance jazz photographer Brian Homer.

The Jazz Journeys exhibition reveals some of the issues and constraints that jazz musicians face through their musical careers.

Homer’s photography of the six musicians involved in the project shows them cooking, teaching taekwondo, reflecting on care work, looking after their kids, repairing instruments and writing plays as well as the more well-known music teaching sessions.

The participants were pianist David Austin Grey, sax players Alicia Gardener-Trejo, Chris Young, Joey Walter, violinist and vocalist Ruth Angell, and 2018 Young Jazz Musician of the Xhosa Cole.

In addition there will be a multi-media projection of Homer’s pictures contrasting fast paced performance shots with a slower paced images from the project – curated by artist Tony McClure who has also acted as a consultant to the exhibition.

The official launch of the exhibition takes place on 17th of January, 6pm-8pm at our gallery.

The exhibition is being supported by Birmingham City University and Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research.