Ewa Partum ‘My Problem Is a Problem of a Woman’

Ewa Partum's solo exhibition 'My Problem Is a Problem of a Woman' shows how the artist has redefined the problem of feminist art over the decades by developing artistic strategies of resistance under changing socio-political conditions and contexts. The exhibition examines the work of Ewa Partum in relation to the public spheres and emancipatory artistic discourses. The documentation of early feminist performances and actions across the 70s and 80s is accompanied by the latests works by Ewa Partum, embedded in the contemporary women's struggle and international and cross-generational feminist solidarity.

Partum's work has gone on to be exhibited worldwide and included in collections such as Tate, London and MoMA, New York.

The exhibition is accompanied by a presentation of contemporary works by younger generation artists; Kami Mierzwinska, Aleksandr* Demianiuk and Weronika Perlowska who deal with current gender poltics in Poland from a feminist and queer perspective. 

Supported by Arts Council England