Centrala Online

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have moved our arts programme online. We have curated a series of interactive online talks and performances, introducing Central and Eastern European art and artists to our audiences.
You can view our projects on our Youtube Channel and Facebook.

We worked with artists such as Paulina Korobkiewicz and Natalia Domagala, Alicja Rogalska, Zofia Krawiec, kinoMANUAL, Barbara Mihályi, Iwona Demko, and Sylwia NarbuttLash frenzy, ate.

Our Youtube channel: Centrala-Space

Artist talks and performances:

Paulina Korobkiewicz and Natalia Domagala — YouTube

Alicja Rogalska — YouTube

Zofia Krawiec YouTube

kinoMANUAL YouTube

Barbara Mihályi — YouTube

Iwona Demko — YouTube

Sylwia Narbutt — YouTube