Borders – Studio 44 exhibition

Borders is an exhibition project, part of the ongoing cultural exchange between Studio44, an artist-run gallery in Stockholm and Centrala, addressing discourses on “Unity and division”. The goal of the collaboration is to share knowledge and ideas as a method to cross borders and to promote mobility.

The Digital Diaspora show was the first part of the exchange, an exhibition organised and curated by Short Circuit in partnership with Centrala and Studio 44. It provided an opportunity to reflect on the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the unity of Europe, whilst contrastingly taking place during Brexit and other independence movements. The project laid particular emphasis on Europe and its current socio-political climate of the continent addressing key issues of migration, territory, cultural identity, belonging, isolation and borders. Borders is Studio 44:s contribution to the exchange, where thirteen artists from varying artistic fields, explores physical as well as abstract borders in a modern day Europe during times of social and political turmoil. The artists investigates how borders are created and perspectives established, and also how they with time shift and evolve. The method of sharing ideas and thoughts in a macro-, as well as a microperspective can create new perspectives, experiences and knowledge. Borders may limit and define our daily lives in various ways but they also show us how we can reach a better understanding of ourselves, our modern times, and first and foremost; how we can co-exist.

Participating artists: Jannike Brantås, Mariana Ekner, Rikard Fåhraeus, Kjell Hansson, Mats Landström, Monika Masser, Helena Norell, Katarzyna Piórek, Anna Stina Rehnström,

Alexandra Skarp, Peter Varhelyi, Nina Wedberg Thulin, Peter Wiklund.