Zine in-a-day workshop
Be inspired by the underground culture of ’70s and ’80s in the UK and Countries of the Eastern Block and see your writing, photographs and drawings in a Heavy Metal zine!

The editors of Riffs Journal will run a one day workshop with Centrala to create a zine dedicated to underground culture of Central and Eastern Europe. Participants will be supported by a professional team of editors and designers from the Centre for Media and and Cultural Research at Birmingham City University and able to take a zine special issue home with them at the end of the day.

Excitingly, this special issue will also be guest edited by renowned Metal music writer, Alexander Milas. This is an amazing opportunity for all Metal fans to see their work alongside a journalistic great!

The workshop is a part of Centrala programme in collaboration with Home of Metal, celebrating the global phenomenon of #HeavyMetal culture!