Women’s Empowerment Group

“Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. The biggest journey starts with small steps.”

A vision board is a creative tool that visualises your goals, values, and intentions, helping you stay inspired and motivated. Also known as life maps or action boards, vision boards are often created  to help people visualise their aspirations for the upcoming months. 

Here at Centrala, we understand that migrant women face unique challenges, and we’re here to support you in overcoming them and achieving your dreams. That’s why, during July’s Women Empowerment group, we will create vision boards.

This workshop is specially designed to empower Ukrainian women, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to unlock the power of vision boards. Through creative visualisation of your goals, values, and intentions, we aim to inspire and motivate you to take meaningful steps towards realising your aspirations. No experience is necessary; this session is open to all.

A vision board is a powerful tool because it:

Inspires Motivation: Seeing your goals visually can boost your motivation to achieve them.

Clarifies Goals: Helps you clearly define and visualise your aspirations.

Fosters Focus: Keep your attention on what truly matters, guiding your actions.

Promotes Accountability: Serving as a constant reminder of your dreams, it encourages you to take action.

Encourages Positive Thinking: Surrounding yourself with goal images can bring positive feelings and thoughts.

Let’s turn our dreams into reality together!

This session will be run by Wioletta Brandys

This project is funded by Birmingham City Council under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.