Wildforms | Open Union | May Chi


In the cluster of organic and synthetic sound dwells Wildforms, the electronic-music apparition of musician Dan Cippico. A murmuration of mutated animal          recordings, broken beats, and obscure melodic materials comprise the signature Wildforms soundworld. Emerging in 2021 with the support of Grand Union Gallery, Birmingham, Wildforms has performed across independent venues to festivals, touring his five-track debut Ep Where We Bide Now, fusing wonky percussion, mutated animal calls, and liquid soundscapes with live whistles. 

Open Union: 

Open Union is an electric guitar and modular synth duo made up of composer-performers Peter Bell and Patrick Ellis. Described by treasured composer Howard Skempton as being, ‘sometimes subtle and unstable; sometimes rich and dense’, the duo aims to build up strong collaborative relationships to create new verbal and text-based works. Their current collaborators are Christine Cornwell, Wilson Leywantono, May Chi and Paolo Griffin. The duo have performed at UK events Ealing Extranormal, AMOK, Don’t Mind Control, Birmingham Modular Organisation and CODA Festival, and in 2023, undertook a mini-tour of The Netherlands as part of the Sounding Here concert series at Splendor in Amsterdam and Batavierhuis in Rotterdam. 

May Chi:

May Chi is a Hong Kong born singer-songwriter and composer based in the East Midlands, UK. A writer of sad songs, May transforms her personal experiences and reflections into songs forming a part of a larger – albeit musical – narrative. Drawing from her love of Indie, Folk and Ambient acts, she sculpts alluring and melancholic soundscapes from an eclectic mix of vocals, guitars, synthesisers and found sound. 

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