Vato Klemera Quartet

Vato Klemera Quartet (+ guests): Vato Klemera, Amy Coates, Harry Brown, Andrew Duncan, Dave Sear, Sam Freshwater, Jana Javakhishvili. Bednieri Ensemble (Georgian choir run by Eb Ellis).

‘Songs Under Two Skies’ is a new suite of compositions by Vato Klemera, inspired by his recent return to Georgia and reuniting with family. The compositions explore themes of dual cultural identity, and how family memories and histories inform the self, through attending to the intersection of Georgian folk music and contemporary jazz. The quartet are joined by special guests Dave Sear, Sam Freshwater, and Jana Javakhishvili. Supported by Birmingham’s own Georgian choir, Bednieri Ensemble, the evening celebrates Georgia’s rich music traditions of the past and present: from exuberant voices to high-energy improvisations.

Vato Klemera is a pianist, composer, and improviser based in Birmingham, whose practice merges the Georgian music and jazz he grew up with. His works range from exploring group storytelling in free improvisation, to pursuing off-kilter rhythms and Georgian folk-tinged, bebop-style lines. His main influences include Beka Gochiashvili, Tigran Hamasyan, Nikki Iles. The quartet are Harry Brown (saxophone), Amy Coates (double bass), and Andy Duncan (drums).

Ensemble Bednieri is South Birmingham based choir singing the powerful and beautiful polyphonic songs of Georgia, a small, verdant country to the east of the Black Sea, sandwiched between Russia and the magnificent snow capped Caucasus Mountains in the north and the desert-like hills of Turkey in the south. Georgia has a unique and rich oral tradition of both secular and sacred music sung in three voices. Georgians have a song for every occasion. We will present you with a variety of songs to give you a flavour of these thrilling harmonies and intertwining melodic lines. 

 If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact or message Eb on 07519658181

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