TRANSISTRRR and friends

TRANSISTRRR are 0121 queercore – 3 trans girls screaming loud and fast songs about anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-fascism and trans love in a scary world.

CHERRYDEAD are women in metal making music to express all the anger and sadness you can’t, representing female rage through meaningful lyrics and captivating melodies, they bring an emotional and empowering sound to the scene.

Third Kulture are a hybrid rock-rap band formed in Manchester. The dynamic trio are loud and unapologetically themselves, embodying the essence of diversity, innovation and cultural fusion.

Where’s Eve? Are bringing shoegaze to Birmingham with a wall of powerful guitar tones, ethereal vocals and lyrics for feelings you can’t quite find the words for. Come for the twinkling melodies, stay for the drop.

Lazy Two Steppers put on live music for the greebos and gives you a place to be you – guaranteed to get a bit sweaty.