The Don’t Mind Control Houseband Play Anthony Braxton’s Ghost Trance Music

We are super excited to announce a night where some of our favourite Brummie musicians will be performing music by Anthony Braxton, one of the most important composers currently active. His radical approaches of combining composition and improvisation have made a massive impact on countless musicians and he has written music for jazz ensembles, opera cycles, various improvisation systems, four orchestras and even a piece for 100 tubas.

This group will be playing short sets of his language musics, the key component in how to navigate Braxton’s expansive soundworld, where he breaks down improvisation into single parameters. This will be followed by a performance of a piece from his Ghost Trance Music series; a series inspired by his study of 19th century indigenous American ghost dances centred around a melody that never ends where players are invited to move between different compositions or language musics. Braxton refers to his work as “trans-idiomatic” meaning that musicians from any discipline can approach his music. This ensemble, with players who have backgrounds spanning jazz, classical, rock, electronic and performance art reflects this musical diversity.

Si Paton – bass guitar
Amy Coates – double bass
Aidan Teplitzky – saxophones
Maisy Neale – clarinets
Meg Diamond – flutes
Kai-Shin Chang – vibraphone
James McIlwrath – viola
Alex Townend – guitar

Taking place on 18th April at Centrala.

Tickets are at £10 and £5 with no one turned away due to lack of funds.

We also have a backer option for those who cannot make the event but wish to make a donation to support the musicians/event.


For info on his language musics and ghost trance music:…/sa16-language-music……/sa16-ghost-trance…