#TemporaryDigbeth Photowalk with Tom Hicks

This walk is responding to Centrala’s current exhibition ‘Temporary Landscapes’ by Anka Gregorczyk and Łukasz Szamałek – a photographic series documenting the natural and social effects of the S5 expressway building works across Poland. The visual impact of these documentary photographs mirrors that of Tom Hicks’ work, which you will be encouraged to explore within your own photography on this walk.

To get a greater understanding of his work, this photo-walk will begin with an Artist Talk at Centrala, before we step outside and explore. We will then leave the gallery for roughly 2 hours under the guidance of Tom Hicks, navigating the shifting topography of Digbeth in an attempt to document its diverse landscape.

To participate, you will need a camera-phone or portable camera of any type. Bring this with you along the walk to photograph the Digbeth landscape and share your photos online afterwards with the hashtag #TemporaryDigbeth.