Stephanie Handjiiska – Not a Crab, Not a Fish

Not a Crab, Not a Fish is a compelling solo dance piece on immigration, belonging and the Central Eastern European experience in the UK by Bulgarian-born dance artist Stephanie Handjiiska and a team of CEE artist collaborators. Powered by loneliness, anthropological interviews, traditional Slavic costumes and stereotypes of cheap immigrant labour, the artist takes the audience on a journey to unravel the state of liminality a CEE immigrant experiences in their years after arriving in the UK. The piece also researches the notion of wildness and the beast that lives within each of us.

Stephanie Handjiiska is a Bulgarian award-winning dance artist based in London. Her work explores identity, immigration, belonging, femininity, capitalism, color, darkness, and sexuality, combining dance work for stage/screen with an anthropological and documentary approach. Stephanie has been a dancer with Bulgarian National Company for Contemporary Dance for several seasons before pursuing an MA Degree in Dance at London Contemporary Dance School. Stephanie’s physical practice is informed by dance and yoga, and she is very interested in the motions of communal care, health and wellness through movement.

Stephanie’s work:

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