Sons of Viljems | SozialesSperrWesen | Fizzy Milk

Sons of Viljems are a London based duo, comprised of Andrea Giommi (Guitar, Vocals) and Nejc Haberman (Bass, Synth)

SozialesSperrWesen is an experimental fusion metal outfit from Birmingham, UK. Their music is inspired by bands such as Meshuggah, Car Bomb and Frank Zappa and includes comedic and illusive elements both in the title and in the music. The songs have been composed by Lukas Ohlemacher (bass guitar), who will perform them alongside Wilfred Mckenzie (drums), Oren Velasquez Hirtenstein (guitar) and Maarten Benshop (guitar).


Fizzy Milk are a four piece experimental punk/indie outfit from the Lake District. An eclectic group undefined by any one genre, Fizzy Milk is hard at work establishing their own sound. Gritty, punk-adjacent riffs are juxtaposed with jazz harmonies, sample based electronics and keyboards reminiscent of lofi hiphop. Their unique sonic language and varied stylistic influence add distinctive flare to the would-be typical punk line up. They delicately walk the line between light-hearted comedic lyrics and existential subject matters and, over the last few years, their underground presence has accrued a cult following in the local scene. Whilst maintaining this local presence, Fizzy Milk are now gigging all around the country. Established in 2020, rumour has it that the pandemic left their brains fractured which may explain their erratic, high octane live performances with extended, semi-improvised, instrumental jams, originals, and carefully selected, cracked-out covers. Frontman Tom Culling (AKA Tenbag Tom) plays keys, and synth/sample based material, and performs vocals. He’s joined by guitarist Finn (the Human) Blake, Harry Angell on drums and Sophie Jolley on bass. Fizzy Milk draws influence from a variety of punk and rock derivatives, “Squid” and “Car Seat Headrest” come to mind, but they listen to a huge variety of music and believe that music is informed by all past experience, both musical and non. They write whatever comes out.