Solidarity with the arrested LGBTQ+ activists in Poland

Peaceful​ protest against the arrest of Margot and repressions of LGBTQ+ activists in Poland.
Stop bzdurom (‘stop the bullshit’) is an anarcho-queer collective actively fighting against queerphobia​ in Poland. On the 7th August one of the activists, Margot, was arrested in Warsaw. 48 protesters who tried to stop the arrest were dragged away and detained by the police. There are demonstrations​​ organised​ in solidarity with the activists across Poland and abroad. Let us show our support from Birmingham and meet on Saturday 15th August at 4:00 pm in Centenary​ Square.

Remember about the face coverings and social distancing rules! ​​


Sign the petition to support Margot:

To get a grasp of what’s the situation of Polish LGBT+ community watch this BBC documentary:
Read more about the current proposals to legalise domestic violence in Poland (and Turkey, and the impact this could have on other countries):
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