Slow Art Meditation and Collage Workshop

Join us on the 13th of November (Saturday) for a Slow Art Meditation and Collage Workshop hosted by the artist and art educator Małgorzata Drohomirecka and curator and Slow Art expert Marta Grabowska.

The workshop will take place from 11am to 1pm but you can join us anytime, as there is no need to book in advance. Kids and parents are welcome!

What to expect?

Slow Art Meditation is a contemplative exercise of attentive looking that allows you to slow down, create a deeper relationship with a chosen work of art, practice mindfulness, stimulate your creativity and cultivate imagination by performing easy manual exercises. This event is designed for all age groups.

Together, we will make collages based on significant Polish historical paintings from the 19th century such as Christian Dirce by Henryk Siemiradzki, Polonia by Stanislaw Wyspianski or Polish Hamlet by Jacek Malczewski, to name a few. During the workshop we will learn about Polish history and art in a playful, engaging and personalised way that is accessible and appropriate for participants from all age groups.

You do not need to be Polish or have an interest in Polish art and history to join the fun. The benefits of this experience include not only a deeper understanding, appreciation and analysis of the work of art, but also an exercise in patience and attention to detail that are useful in everyday life. Above all, it is a great bonding exercise for parents and kids!