Shooting Stereotypes – Collaborative Films with Young Migrants
Shooting Stereotypes is a series of three encounters that bring together scholars, migrants, art producers, activists and local stakeholders to discuss the practical, theoretical and ethical implications of employing audio-visual collaborative methodologies in research with young people, especially migrants.
These encounters include the screening of research-based short movies starring young research participants and roundtable discussions with their authors, actors and the researchers involved in their production.
During these sessions, we would like to address questions such as what can be the use of film-making in research with young people on the move? How can we make collaborative audio-visual research work? What problems do these research approaches pose for researchers, participants, and the audience?
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“Lauren’s video diary” (2021) and “Alin in the ghost town” (2023) – The dreams, struggles, and memories of two young Roma migrants told with their smartphones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Roundtable discussion with Vasile-Alin Ovid and Stefano Piemontese. MSCA-IF project “Resilience and Resignation among Transnational Roma and non-Roma Youths”
“Voices from Ipswich” (2023) – The pursuit of freedom of young Sub-Saharan men who are refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Roundtable: Mohamed Abdalla, Sam Liebmann, Meri Marcelo & Angelo Martins Jr. ERC project “Modern Marronage. The Pursuit and Practice of Freedom in the Contemporary World”
“Becoming adult in another man’s land” (2017) – The everyday lives of unaccompanied young people coming of age in Europe. Roundtable discussion with Jennifer Allsop, Habib Rezaie & Nando Sigona. ESRC project “Becoming Adult: conceptions of futures and wellbeing among migrant young people in the UK”
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SHOOTING STEREOTYPES is part of the seminar series of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) and is organised in collaboration with Centrala. For further information, please contact Stefano Piemontese (