Sequencing and Storytelling for Local Artists with Paulina Korobkiewicz and James Cunliffe

Calling all local professionals and artists! Join us for a zine-making workshop tailored for artists seeking to transform their work into captivating zines. Explore themes of identity, collective memory, and creating a portrait of a place as we learn about sequencing and storytelling. Bring images that resonate with your heritage or your connection to a meaningful place, or anything else you would like to make a zine out of. Exchange ideas and inspirations with fellow creatives during our artist networking drinks in the final hour. Come share your stories and forge new creative connections!
James Cunliffe teaches photography at an art college, and also works on his own self-initiated projects. His work explores themes such as time, family, memory and love, and uses images from his family archive alongside recent photographs, sketches and thoughts.Paulina Korobkiewicz (b. 1993, Suwałki, Poland) is a photographer and visual artist. Focusing on everyday objects within public space, she explores themes of home, migration, trauma of post-communist states and politics of identity. Paulina is particularly interested in the impact of the transition from socialism to capitalism on the contemporary man altered landscape. She lives and works in London, UK.