Rump State at Centrala

Rump State is the duo of Mark Morgan (USA/Sightings/various collabs) and Gaute Granli (Norway – outre guitar/voice wibble) – zone out, repeat, reheat, induced vertigo loops. FFO Wolf Eyes and all that is avantastiche.

Coke Rodent are the local hardcore, grim invocators of turgid misery. I couldn’t think of a more perfect support on this, the second blackest day of the year after Christmas Day.

Burt Bacharackhams is donating glamour and the pizzazz of Why Don’t You and Motormouth, less the papier mache. FFO haute couture, sailing, heartache and Guinness at the Highbury.

7 OTD or more if you can/or buy merch/NTAFLOF

The event starts on 31st October at 8pm.