Rage Room

Is the ____ in the room with me?

[‘Rage Room as psychosomatic therapy

Join artist Toni Lewis for a participatory art-making workshop which explores the concept of rage rooms as a physco-somatic therapy. During this workshop participants will come together to journey through the experience of accessing, channelling and releasing anger,  the opportunities and possibilities this presents for transformative healing… 

“In 2018 I booked a group rage-room experience for a friend’s Birthday. It was a lot of fun.. but what I didn’t expect was the transcendent experience of being able to be angry, I think for the first time”. How much anger is suppressed and what is the physiological burden of this? I felt liberated.. yet terrified. I didn’t understand what releasing anger felt like, how my fingers would shake, my hearing more acute…  the power of rage. How do we create these spaces for ourselves? How do we care for ourselves when the storm passes?” 

Toni creates, curates and produces artworks & platforms that facilitate celebration of and care for marginalised individuals & communities. Her practice explores Afrofuturist philosophies, the intersections of cultural aesthetic, science, nature, technology and architecture with speculative fiction. It is an embodied activism, hopeful and designed for change-making. More often than not it is acutely intimate & exists to bring about healing, joy, celebration & catharsis. 

Important Information on workshop for participants 

  • This workshop will last for 3 hours
  • This workshop is designed to be adaptable for all people however if you have any access requirements that you feel might be a barrier to participation please contact us TONI@CONTEMPORARYOTHER.ORG
  • There will be a quiet space after if you wish to stay and reflect on your experience or rest.  
  • Workshop will feature a wellbeing practitioner and translator who can support you before, during and after the session. 
  • In order to be an environmentally sound project, I use defunct technology and glass bottles are donated. All remaining debris is recycled at the local tip.
  • Participants will be provided safety equipment including protective eyewear and clothing. A safety briefing will take place before we begin.