Punks for Pride 2023

Punks For Pride 2023

Punks For Pride is a donation based punk and heavy music night, being held as an alternative to Birmingham Pride politically and musically.

About this Event

Tickets are to reserve a spot, donations are collected at the door.

Outcast Stomp is looking to create a queer punk scene within Brum, with Punks for Pride setting out to be an affordable alternative to Birmingham Pride (supported by HSBC UK) with a punk music core.

The event is at Centrala, Birmingham, on Sunday 28th May. It is a pay as you feel event with donations being taken on the door. These donations will be split between the performing bands and 25% donated to Transgender Action Block.

Featuring 30 minute sets from Resting B!tch Face, Slutmade, Karnstein, Notion of Fortune and TRANSISTRRR.

Doors open at 6:30pm with the the first act being on at 7pm.


Karnstein are a Canterbury, Kent based extreme metal band who combine various elements of Gothic, Black, Death and Doom Metal to create dark, heavy and varied songs using classic horror motifs as metaphors for the queer experience. 

Notion of Fortune are a folk punk band for you to dance, sing, and scream your heart out to! <3

Resting Bitch Face are a female and non binary fronted queercore punk band from Birmingham. They pride themselves for bold, brassy and in-your-face live shows, while unapologetically talking about issues and messages that affect them and the LGBTQA+ community as a whole.

Slutmade are a Birmingham based, all female riot grrrl band inspired by bands such as Bikini K*ll, Bratmobile and Upchuck. A queer band providing a space for women and the LGBTQA+ to get involved.

TRANSISTRRR are a Birmingham based queercore punk band forcing a space to exist for trans musicians at gigs. They scream loudly about anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, and trans joy.

Transgender Action Block

Punks for Pride is a non-profit event with all proceeds being split between the bands and Transgender Action Block (TAB).

TAB are a group of radical activists dedicated to transgender liberation. They organise for access to healthcare and against insurgent anti-trans reaction.

More information can be found via their Instagram/Twitter/Linktree.