Przemek Branas – I is somebody else – Opening event

‘I is somebody else’ results from the inspiration of Polish alternative culture of the ‘70s and ‘80s, including the ritual, inherent in heavy metal, which strives to transgress social and cultural norms and makes experiencing one’s own individuality possible. Przemek Branas is particularly fascinated with impersonation, indigenous to the underground culture, symbolised by the figure of the mask and the disguise, which are an integral part of the shamanic, heavy metal music rituals.

‘Looking beyond the concrete wall’, plays on an idea of a customized basement of a block of flats as a shared space for metal music fans. All displayed items embody the fascination of a raw and vivid subculture, which for many people was considered as an escape from political issues of that time. As always, a Western phenomenon, which has been brought behind the ‘Iron Curtain’, gained its own specific identity.



Both exhibitions celebrate the idea of Home of Metal, which will shine a light on the global phenomenon of Heavy Metal with a series of blockbuster exhibitions devoted to the music that was born in and around Birmingham. Music that turned up the volume, down-tuned the guitars, and introduced a whole new meaning to the word ‘heavy’. The season of events and exhibitions will join the dots between music, social history, visual art and fan cultures to produce a new perspective on metal. One that is celebratory, eschews notions of high/low culture, and joins audiences and performers together.

Home of Metal presents four other exhibitions in partnership with organisations in and around Birmingham. These include Black Sabbath 50 years – exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (UK) Museum and Art Gallery (UK), ‘Monster Chetwynd: Hell Mouth 3’ at Eastside Projects, Ben Venom at Midlands Arts Centre – MAC and Alan Kane at the The New Art Gallery Walsall.