Other Isles II

Cyprus and Malta, both two tiny islands in the Mediterranean, are the only European countries involved in the Commonwealth Games and it is this that inspired us to work on a project that would bring these two communities together. Other Isles is a celebration of art and culture from the Cypriot and Maltese diaspora. The event will showcase music, poetry and art made by artists connected to these two islands in the Mediterranean. It is an event that aims to give these artists a platform to share their voices but also an opportunity for the diaspora community to experience art they may recognise themselves in and an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and inspiration. The project will present new works created by the artists, with some projects created through Cypriot artists collaborating with Maltese artists. The community will also be involved through workshops and performance opportunities to co-create artworks with the artists from the community. Other Isles hosted at Centrala will be part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival as part of the Commonwealth Games legacy. The event taking place on 17th September, where we will be sharing and showcasing our art, will be open to all. Other Isles is a Creative City Project generously funded by Birmingham City Council.