Online migrant artists talk & networking with Vlatka Horvat

In the online artist talk on 21 March, 6-8pm, aimed at fellow artists, Vlatka will introduce her practice and talk about several of her recent projects, focusing in particular on several different ways in which she works with performance structures. Presenting a few of her key projects – from solo performance and performative intervention through to long durational works with invited collaborators and participants – Vlatka will map out a range of approaches and methodologies she uses in her practice. Discussing different performative strategies in relation to site, context, and temporality, the presentation will focus on the kinds of self-imposed restrictions which guide Vlatka’s investigations. These generative rule-based systems that Vlatka devises for her projects. establish performative frameworks inside which improvisatory exploration can take place – providing the ground for a negotiation with both the set rule systems themselves, as well as with the unpredictable tensions, dynamics, and relations emerging from a live encounter. The session will also touch upon the ways in which Vlatka deploys performative strategies across other forms of practice – sculpture, collage, photography, writing – in which the focus is on encounter, dialogue, negotiation, and improvisation.

After the talk, there will be a chance to have a conversation regarding Vlatka’s work as well as to share experiences surrounding the practical aspects of producing projects and navigating different contexts for making and presenting work.