Networking Event for Central and Eastern Europeans

See chances. Inspire changes. Make noise.

Join us at CEE Us! Centrala every third Wednesday evening for our monthly migration social event!

At CEE Us!, we are not just a network but a collective of innovators fostering a vibrant migrant presence. Our efforts focus on increasing visibility and recognition of Central and Eastern European migrants in British society, combating underrepresentation, xeno-racism, and hostility.

We aim to prepare upcoming community leaders and migrant advocates through exciting training opportunities such as social media management, entrepreneurship, property investments and many many more. We also love cultural, arts, fun events, and family activities!

What are you waiting for?

Join us to:
Make new friends and lasting connections!
Find out about fantastic events and family activities.
Plan “exciting to do things” ahead of the summer!
Share your stories and ideas!

And most importantly, tell us what you would you like to see and get involved in the near future, what interests you, and what changes you would like to see. All that while drinking wine and having a good laugh! Lets build a more inclusive community together.

We are expecting to have a few extra tickets available on the door