Manu Louis / EIF & Melissa Morris / Steckdose
Belgium born, Berlin based, Manu Louis travels with a village of electronic instruments and video projections from pop stars or animals to deliver passionate performances that eventually switches gears into an impromptu discotheque.
His music mixes high and low culture to create provocative and decontextualized juxtapositions. His general blueprint remains the same throughout all of his efforts, but the ingredients he uses may vary: from dissident chanson française, genial dilettante, avant-garde composer, new beat, old hit, art-pop & hard bop.——————————————
Eclectic, electronic music producers EIF have been working out of Birmingham UK for the last decade. In recent years they have had huge successes, as they sought after producing style has captured the hearts and ears of some of the city’s most renowned musicians.

MELISSA MORRIS – Freelance Pianist & Composer. Founder and Artistic Director at Room Art. Collaborative projects with Dance, Electronic Music, Photography & Art.
She performed at multiple events with EIF, from art galleries to large festivals.
Steckdose supply improvised electronics, tapeloops, drones and field recordings. From Teesside via Birmingham”