Manu Louis, By Bizarre Hands, ZD Grafters

Manu Louis is back in Birmingham for your pleasure – guaranteed fun!

Manu Louis is a Belgian with a subversive spring in his step” Late Junction, BBC
“More colourful than a unicorn vomiting a rainbow” GONZAI
“The braggart of Kitsch.” LIBERATION
“Pop fantastique et Fantasque” France Culture
Belgium born, Berlin based, Manu Louis travels with a village of electronic instruments and video projections from pop stars or animals to deliver passionate performances that eventually switches gears into an impromptu discotheque.
His music mixes high and low culture to create provocative and decontextualized juxtapositions. His general blueprint remains the same throughout all of his efforts, but the ingredients he uses may vary: from dissident chanson française, genial dilettante, avant-garde composer, new beat, old hit, art-pop & hard bop.
The last five years, Manu released 2LP : Cream Parade (2019) & Kermesse Machine (2016) on Igloo Records, 4 EP & performed at over 400 festivals and clubs across Europe and Asia.
Recent collaborations include : visual artists Escif (Coltan Major Harmonics 2019) & Systaime, Garrett List’30 piece chamber orchestra Orchestra Vivo, Chinese singer/composer Song Yuzhe (Dawanggang) and electronic acts Front de Cadeaux & Too Smooth Christ (Cream Parade Remixes 2020).