Little Activists: Letters to The Planet

Join us to create a fun group artwork celebrating nature and the city. There will be a bunch of drawing materials, paints and collage materials to enjoy using, and you will be able to create an environment of flowers, birds, and insects along with a community of cut-out people.

You will also be invited to leave ideas, hopes and dreams for a greener city and a greener neighbourhood!

The activities are based around a co-created children’s book authored by Roma children and families. As part of the session, you’ll receive your very own copy of the book to take home with you.

This workshop is designed for all ages.

About Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros:

(Assoc. Prof at C-DaRE) is a dancer, artist, researcher, Romani studies scholar, dance historian and critic, a Flamenco historian, sociologist, curator, and peace activist. She is director of RosaSenCis film Production Co., a company that aims to create inclusive and accessible resources and teaching guides used by major organisations such as the NHS. Rosa has co-authored papers on ethics within dance, intersectionality, and led projects that explore ethical methods and equitable practices. She sits on many boards including AWA dance, Early Dance Circle among many others and all of her work has a commitment to racial and environmental justice, Rosamaria grew up in and received her education in the US, she has lived in various parts of the world as a professional dancer, choreographer, sociologist, and qualified teacher. Rosamaria has devoted her life to dance and education, she uses dance, history, activism, and education to communicate, share, and inspire others in their own development and creative journey. Rosamaria uses her heritage to have empathy, passion, compassion, and a critical eye to the world around us. Rosamaria has a B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Wisconsin, an MA in Dance History and Criticism from the University of New Mexico, and a PhD. in Sociology from the University of Barcelona. She is currently a research-artist at Coventry University’s Centre for Dance Research, and also works as an independent artist, dancer, curator, and teacher.