???Left Hand Cuts off the Right, Harold Printer & ZD Grafters

Left Hand Cuts off the Right (Robbie Judkins) is an outlet for exploratory methods and composition. During live performances he plays with acoustic instruments, bent electronics, synthesizers, field recordings, loops and effects. The sounds are of otherworldliness, twinkling twitchings, habitual drones, crackling rhythms and aural oddities.
“His work gives rise to much pause and thought. Ambient if you’d like to call it that but not of the structured Eno variety, this being more improv sounding with radios, field recordings and broken electronics seeping like a heavy mist among somberly struck lower register piano keys. Imagine Keith Jarrett on Largactyl improvising sadness with his left hand while his right tries for some throbbing oscillating sounds all recorded in the basement of an abandoned Detroit theatre during a full moon. That’s not far off.” Idwal Fisher
He has created works for the Barbican, ICA, Resonance FM, Turner Contemporary, Whitechapel Gallery, WFMU, University of Central Lancashire and more. Robbie is also the creator of Animal Sounds for Resonance FM, Parallax View for Threads Radio and is a member of noise punk group Bruxa Maria.

Harold Printer 
Experiments in layers and sounds shaping sound. Making bricks, not building walls. Synth noise/drone scape solo project from former member of One Unique Signal, The Telescopes & Rohame, founder of the Mutual Extermination Club and guitar player in Bushism. #finisheverything – Everyday is a school day.


ZD Grafters – Birmingham’s new Parole Jazz diarchy.
Hot as magma, a brand-new project featuring the father and son rhythm section from the continually erupting volcano that is Haq123.
Zac remains behind the drum kit, Dave is on keys/effects.
Q. What is Parole Jazz? 
A. Music that is allowed to be essentially free in nature as long as it abides by certain restrictions.
In this instance we have semi-improvised keyboard melodies alongside fully improvised drumming and percussion.
Since starting to play drums at the age of six, young Zac’s musical life has been ruled by the tyranny of the backbeat…until now. 
The shackles are off, the metronome lies smashed in a corner – free at last to play whatever he wants.
This will be ZD Grafters’ first ever public performance – don’t miss it.
It could be amazing – it could go horribly wrong.