Leadership Training: Building Confidence and Resilience for Future Community Leaders

This session will be led by Sabrina Milford, Tellwithsabrina CIC

To successfully encourage and empower others, we must feel comfortable and confident in ourselves. This training session will help to equip community leaders with the skills and strategies needed to build resilience in themselves.  Leaders will learn how to effectively navigate challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and support others in times of crisis.

By the end of the workshop participants will have gained a deeper understanding of resilience, developed practical skills for building resilience in themselves and others, and created a personalised action plan for maintaining resilience in their leadership roles.

This training session is the third in our series of leadership trainings for our CEE Us Network. Our network is a collective of innovators creating a Migrant presence. Our main aims are to address the underrepresentation of Central and Eastern European migrants in the UK, xeno-racism and hostility. We want to encourage, empower and promote CEE migrants to share their voices and foster networks that can achieve definitive actions. We want to train future leaders and migrant activists.