Lash Frenzy & ate: Pure Noise Meditation (Interactive)

Centrala are delighted to present ate and Lash Frenzy as part of our Centrala Online programme. ate and Lash Frenzy will combine through Zoom to complete Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditation XXIII in an Interactive live performance. ate will be streaming from Kolonia Artystów in Gdansk and Lah Frenzy from Centrala in Birmingham. Any interested musicians and vocalists are invited to join.

In search of freedom of expression, Petar Petkov created ate, where gentle guitar phrases are looped and mixed with analogue modulation, creating hypnotic soundscapes. Inspired by the works of Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt and Terry Riley, ate explores the potential power of simplicity, minimalism and repetition.

Lash Frenzy
Lash Frenzy is Andrew Moscardo-Parker’s sound art guise. His work always seems to somehow tie in to the themes of confusion, suspension and the removal of linear time. The fascinating, confusing, powerful mechanisms of noise, sex, minimalism and monotony seem to be regularly used.

“Pure noise” is the 23rd of Pauline Oliveros’ 25 Sonic Meditations written in 1971. “Sonic Mediations”, as the author describes them, “are an attempt to return the control of sound to the individual alone, and within groups especially for humanitarian purposes; specifically healing.”

The specific instructions for Pure Noise XXIII read:
“Sing the purest tone possible, that is, with the fewest partials, in a comfortable register. Gradually change the quality of this tone to include more and more partials until it approaches or becomes a noise band. Continue as long as possible, going from pure tone to noise band with each breath. Variation: Reverse the above process.”
For the more information about Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Mediations and to read the score please see the following link:
We also recommend that you have a listen to Pauline discussing the difference between hearing and listening here:

This new and interactive performance will involve a large and varied group effort to achieve Pauline Oliveros’ ‘Pure Noise’ Meditation through Zoom. The performance is open to everyone and will be initiated by Petar Petkov (ate), and Andrew Moscardo-Parker and Si Rider (Lash Frenzy). The rules are simple:

1. Join the group Zoom call
2. Use your voice or instrument of choice
3. Perform “Pure Noise”.

All participants will be able to see each other on Zoom but will only be able to hear themselves and the members of ate and Lash Frenzy. This will create a number of unique live performances that are occurring simultaneously across various geographical locations. ate will be performing live from Kolonia Artystów in Gdansk, Poland and Lash Frenzy performing live from different locations within the UK.
The performance will be limited to 30 minutes and the piece will start using the note C. A synth will begin the performance followed by the sound of a guitar. At this point, as a performer, you are welcome to join in on the C note whenever you feel it is appropriate.
As the performance progresses the piece will move from pure tone to pure noise. This will be achieved by each participant ‘adding’ and ‘bending’ notes to create variation. Participants are encouraged to make these variations whenever they feel it is appropriate. The variations are abstract in nature and participants should not attempt to play a melody or rhythm.
Ideally the C note will be sustained and distorted by the quality of the sound(timber) rather than changing notes. If you find it hard modulating the quality of the sound and do feel like adding more notes, assume the C note represents the C minor key and chose a note from that scale.
After approximately 20 minutes (around 7.20pm), participants must gradually return to the C note and the piece will finish as pure tone. The end of the piece will be signified when only the synth can be heard. When you reach this point please stop playing.
The event will conclude with a short Q&A session with Petar and Andrew.
A Zoom link will be provided to those interested in taking part.

To gain a fuller more immersive experience we would advise wearing headphones plugged directly into your streaming device. This is optional
Participants can use their own voice or an instrument of choosing. The only stipulation is that the participant must start with the note C and be able to vary this as the piece progresses. Effects pedals/plugins can be used.

Kolonia Artystów Gdańsk, Poland (Colony of Artists)
Colony of Artists is a place for people interested in culture, contemporary art, design and niche music from small publishing houses and record labels, both local and international. It’s a space that encourages the free flow of thoughts over glasses of wine, cups of coffee, and the latest electronic sounds from vinyls and noncommercial radio stations. It is a space for creative, open-minded people to work and relax. Perfect for vocational trainings, professional meetings, photoshoots, and to create and debate. The bright, sunny, minimalistic space accommodates various usages.