Lash Frenzy & ate: New Meditation

Inspired by Pauline Oliveros’s Sonic Meditations, Petar Petkov (ate) and Andrew Moscardo-Parker (Lash Frenzy) will perform a collaborative improvised concert – ‘Dialgoue Between Guilty and Non-Guilty Aesthetics’.

Andrew will be streaming from Centrala in Birmingham while Petar performs from Kolonia Artystów in Gdansk, Poland to create a unique experience where the musicians will only be able to see, and not hear, one another. The musicians will be “imagining” the sounds of what the other is playing. Viewers will be able to listen and hear the result of both performers playing together.

In search of freedom of expression, Petar Petkov created ate, where gentle guitar phrases are looped and mixed with analogue modulation, creating hypnotic soundscapes. Inspired by the works of Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt and Terry Riley, ate explores the potential power of simplicity, minimalism and repetition.

Lash Frenzy
Lash Frenzy is Andrew Moscardo-Parker’s sound art guise. His work always seems to somehow tie in to the themes of confusion, suspension and the removal of linear time. The fascinating, confusing, powerful mechanisms of noise, sex, minimalism and monotony seem to be regularly used.
Short description by the artists:
“We have devised a new ‘meditation’. We have taken elements of Pauline’s meditations and have added our own ideas and explorations. At the same time we will each perform an improvised piece in a specific key/open tuning. We will be able to see each other playing but neither of us will be able to hear the audio of each other’s performance. Commonly our own practice would involve the influence and creation of work by responding to what we hear, however this new meditation will allow us to explore a sound based call and response that is created purely by a human visual element. We hope that the piece will stimulate the active imagination of sound, which was one of the main goals of Pauline’s meditations.”
Short description of the Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations.
“Pauline Oliveros has abandoned composition/performance practice as it is usually established today for Sonic Explorations which include everyone who wants to participate. She attempts to erase the subject/object or performer/audience relationship by returning to ancient forms which preclude spectators. She is interested in communication among all forms of life, through Sonic Energy. She is especially interested in the healing power of Sonic Energy and its transmission within groups.”

Kolonia Artystów – Gdańsk, Poland (Colony of Artists)
Colony of Artists is a place for people interested in culture, contemporary art, design and niche music from small publishing houses and record labels, both local and international. It’s a space that encourages the free flow of thoughts over glasses of wine, cups of coffee, and the latest electronic sounds from vinyls and noncommercial radio stations. It is a space for creative, open-minded people to work and relax. Perfect for vocational trainings, professional meetings, photoshoots, and to create and debate. The bright, sunny, minimalistic space accommodates various usages.