Language Exchange Game: Words Without Equal

What words and phrases in your language cannot easily be translated? What wordings from your own language you could not find an exact equivalent for in English?

Join us on 16th of July @7.00 P.M. via Zoom, for a fun language game session where we will talk, share and exchange the funnies, weirdest, dearest and the most absurd idioms and words of our languages.(Speakers of any language are encouraged to join in and participate)

Is it really raining cats and dogs in England? Do Romanians really turn into cabbage when they don’t know a thing about a certain subject?

Let us share what cannot be completely shared through translation. Bring examples from your poetry, music, TV shows. Look at what wonderful little treasures stay hidden in all languages. Have fun with these unequalled words.

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How to join:
Install Zoom:
Go to the link
Click ‘Join with Audio’

Voila! You’re in

This event is part of our ongoing project Centrala Connecting Communities in partnership with Birmingham City Council!