International Children’s Day Celebration Workshops

For that one special day in a year we prepare three entertaining workshops where your children can spend valuable and creative time:

– Card making workshop – Davey Joe Mcclure will be making cards from paper with children, watercolour, oil pastels, cut outs and more.

– Collage workshop –join Adam Wynn in his collage-making workshop using cut-outs from magazines.

-Macramé workshop – Boyana Aleksova will demonstrate the wonderful craft of macramé. She will be showing you some basic techniques which you can follow or take the lead and make your own unique patterns.

All workshops will be run in three turns:
– first one at 1PM
– the second one at 2PM
– the third one at 3PM
Please consider that there is a limit of 10 children attending one workshop in one turn

£2 Per Child (drink and healthy snack included)

Pay on the door but tickets need to be booked (only for children – please do not book tickets for adults)

The children need to be accompanied by an adult for the whole time.

We will provide all the materials but if you have any special requirements please don’t hesitate to email us.