‘In-between-spaces’ report

Download the ‘In-between Spaces Final report (FULL PDF)

During years of us working with CEE migrant artists in the UK, we heard so many stories about the discrimination and inequalities. CEE art practitioners not finding suitable jobs in the industry, their education not being recognized, stereotypised image of CEE culture, inadequate ‘White Other’ box in funding applications along with not perceiving CEE migrants as ‘diverse’ – all results in the deep underrepresentation in the British art scene. Working with University of Birmingham, we have researched this issue further, interviewing artists and creatives and analysing programmes of arts organisations from the Midlands to get a wider picture of the situation in order to produce the report using the evidence.

This raport is meant to spark a discussion about CEE artists representation in the UK, and to call for fresh look of how the diversity is ‘measured’ and to review current diversity boxes.

The study was carried out by the University of Birmingham and Centrala, funded by Midlands3Cities Creative Economies Engagement Fellowship, funded by the AHRC.