Three short films focused on female characters and experiences, exploring the idea of movement as an identity.

Set across England, Lithuania and Canada, the films follow restless women seeking a sense of belonging. In “BOY”, a trio of Lithuanian immigrants in England set out on a fishing trip where they navigate their relationships in the face of change; in “Red Berries”, a young woman visits her grandmother’s empty apartment, where she finds clues to her past; and in “Monika in September” a filmmaker invites her childhood friend on a trip to Canada, in the footsteps of the author Alice Munro.


16 min 30 sec
4k video, sound
Supported by Arts Council England and Lithuanian Council for Culture

Red Berries
9 min 40 sec
2k video, sound
Supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture

Monika in September
15 min
HD video, sound
Supported by Dolby Travel Scholarship

This event is kindly supported by Lithuanian Cultural Institute and Flatpack Festival.