Fizzle presents:  Woodhead/Macari/Brice + Farmer/Gardener-Trejo/Griffiths/Sear

Andrew Woodhead (keys) | Kim Macari (trumpet) | Olie Brice (bass)


Sarah Farmer (violin) | Alicia Gardener-Trejo (saxophone and bass clarinet) | Lee Griffiths (saxophone) | Dave Sear (trombone)

Having played together for a number of years, the trio of Andrew Woodhead, Kim Macari, and Olie Brice showcases the strength of the British improv scene. They move effortlessly between delicate and explosive moods, working as one musical organism to delight and surprise.

Sarah Farmer, Alicia Gardener-Trejo, Lee Griffiths, and Dave Sear are four familiar faces on the Birmingham jazz and improvised music scene. They were encouraged to perform as a quartet after improvising together with gymnasts during a filming project for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.