Fizzle presents:  Tom Challenger Trio + CANYON

Tom Challenger (saxophone)

Olie Brice (bass)

Mark Sanders (drums)


Tom Harris (piano) &

Kai Chareunsy (drums)

Tom Challenger is one of the most exciting saxophonists working on the British jazz scene today. His music draws from a wide range of traditions and is channelled by his virtuosic command of the saxophone into a highly personal sound that is both engaging and exciting. He will be joined by Olie Brice and Mark Sanders who are both outstanding musicians, who between them have played with a dizzying range of Europe’s top improvisers.

Tom Harris and Kai Chareunsy are two outstanding young musicians who have worked together for a number of years in various projects. Recently they have recorded a series of free improvisations under the name CANYON which showcase their shared musical sensibility and the sensitivity that they each bring to their musical relationship.