Fizzle presents:  Miman with Mark Sanders  + Steve Tromans & the Decadent Sounds of the Cosmic Beyond

Hans Kjorstad (fiddle) | Andreas Røysum (clarinet) | Egil Kalman (synthesiser) | Mark Sanders (drums)


Steve Tromans (monotron and melodica) | Sarah Fletcher (vocals and poetry) | Si Paton (electric bass) | Tymoteusz Jozwiak (drums)

With over 75 concerts in 16 countries since their debut in 2016, the trio Miman has forged their improvised interplay into an all-consuming expression – crystallized fragments of music styles presented mysteriously and inexplicably as in a dream. Specifically, this expression strives for an imminent just tuned ideal and is not afraid of being neither head-nodding groovy nor strict and slow-flowing, as captured on their latest record ‘1000 bitar’. As a trio they also collaborate with musicians such as Tristan Honsinger, Axel Dörner and Michael Griener and for this event they will be joined by special guest, Mark Sanders on drums.

Steve Tromans & the Decadent Sounds of the Cosmic Beyond is new project from Tromans, bringing together words and music in a dizzying mix of free improv, poetry, punk, rock, psychedelia & noise. Decadent Sounds of the Cosmic Beyond references the complex relations between life and its living, eternal and chronological time, “music” and “noise”, improvisation and composition, rhythm and arrhythmia.