Find Your Place in Space: Art and Movement Workshop for Women

Monthly meetings and and art workshops for Women. In November we will be working on discovering our power animal through art and drama!

Let’s connect through the universal language of creativity!

🎨 Discover the power of creativity as a means of connection, self-expression, and personal growth.

🌍 Aim:

The objective of our creative workshop, rooted in art therapy and drama therapy, is to establish a nurturing space for women, primarily Ukrainians from Eastern Europe residing in the UK. Together, we will:

Build bonds and foster cooperation among participants.

Forge connections within the Eastern European and British communities through shared artistic adventures and relationship cultivation.

Cultivate your creativity, self-assurance, and communication abilities, translating these skills into enhanced daily living.

Harness the therapeutic potential of art to manage stress, cope with trauma, and navigate emotional challenges.

Find a sanctuary to express your emotions, thoughts, and experiences through art, promoting better self-understanding and self-care.

Share your unique stories and experiences, fostering mutual understanding and building a strong support network.

Refine your interpersonal skills through theatrical interactions and collaborative artistic creations, honing teamwork, empathy, and relationship-building.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where women can harness the power of art to strengthen their emotions and social bonds, all within a welcoming and supportive community.