I am going to magical land- family friendly art workshop

Through the theme of play, music, and art therapy, children and parents will take part in a workshop where together they will learn how to recognise emotions and using physical sensations to identify emotions. They also will develop a repertoire of good choices of actions in emotionally challenging situations and help dealing with and appreciating uncomfortable emotions.

Introducing parents to following:

Through games and activities such as play therapy/art therapy and music therapy – introduce parents to recognising automatic reactions to emotional stress/trauma and Breathing skills to slow physicals response.

Recognise emotions from face and body clues and introduce to self -awareness using physical sensations to identify emotions

Show positive aspect of self care such as Visualisation of goals and developing awareness of surrounding and potential stressors/triggers of trauma.

Learning patterns of behaviours to strengthen social skills.

Discussion how find yourself living in new place such as UK and help understand process of the adaptation living in UK.